Taste and Talk with #WiningHourChat

Who:  Us, You, Our Friends, Your Friends, Everyone, Anyone

What:  A Twitter Wine Tasting & Discussion Entitled, #WiningHourChat

When: Tuesdays at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST

Where: Twitter @WiningHourChat using the hashtag #WiningHourChat

Why: Because. It's The Wining Hour. Who doesn't enjoy the wining hour?

About #WiningHourChat

We enjoy wine. We also enjoy conversing and learning about different wines, wine regions, grape varietals, food and wine pairings.  As there are many experts and wine connoisseurs out there, some winelovers may hold back from participating in wine discussions because they feel intimidated or feel that they do not have anything to contribute.  Our goal is to curb those feelings and offer a venue where everyone, regardless of their experience level, has a valued voice. #WiningHourChat functions as a community of learners and winelovers. No stuffiness here, just an easygoing vinous chat.

HOWEVER, we do ask that you be courteous and respectful of #WiningHourChat, and not use this time or medium to promote your own agenda or business, unless invited to do so.  We are happy to collaborate whenever possible.

Here's our routine:

Q & A

Our Wine Rating Scale:

Very Good=  4
Good=          3
Eh, Ok=        2
Never again  1

You will know our topic in advance.  You will also be made aware of the wine region and particular wine varietal selection.  So that it is easier and adds to the diversity of the conversation, you may use whichever brand, winery, vineyard you like-it just needs to be from the specified region and specified variety. For example, if the selection is California Cabernet, you would get a (any) Cabernet from California to taste and discuss.

#WiningHourChat has teamed up with ConoSur Wines, and we will be giving away a bottle of wine to one lucky participant each month. The winner will be selected at random from a drawing, announced at the end of every month and sent their wine.

Here are the official rules:
*1 entry for each week you participate (participate 4 weeks=4 entries)
*Participation is not "hello" or small side conversations that detract from our topic at hand. You should be actively engaged during the wining hour, with wine! (Sorry, but it's only fair.)
*No one can win two months consecutively.
*If you are chosen, you will be asked to provide your address, email & ph #
*You must be in a state (USA only-sorry) that can receive wine shipments from NY. If you are outside of USA-the prize will be a gift certificate.  Non-negotiable.

Next Chat:


August 1
Albarino Day-Share an Albarino or Share #WIYG

August 8-
Share #WIYG and #WAYR What are you reading? Share that and the wine in your glass
Q & A with Special Guest: Rex Pickett, author of Sideways (RESCHEDULED, TBA)

August 15
A Celebration of Rosé
Share a rosé #WIYG
Tentative Guest: Estandon, Provence France

August 22
Q & A with Special Guest: Te Pa Wines of New Zealand
Discussing Pinot Noir.  Share one or #WIYG

August 29
Q & A with Special Guest: Pedroncelli Winery, Sonoma
Share a wine from Pedroncelli or Share one or #WIYG

SEPTEMBER:  Stay tuned!

*Note-WIYG (What's in your glass) is always the alternative if you can't find the above.

Join us, Li, Maggie & Cara @WiningHourChat and be sure to use the hashtag #wininghourchat